BULLetin – Round 10 Review

The Bulls bus was packed for another long road trip, this time to Beaconsfield to take on St Francis Xavier. With 27 players unavailable for multiple reasons, this clash was sure to be a challenge. Nathan Murphy, Vin Aulich and Adam Kaminski all made their senior debut for the bulls and the fresh faces helped the boys from Allard Park to a dominant start. Unfortunately for the second week in a row we were inaccurate in front of the goals. After holding a comfortable lead for the majority of the game, the x-men came hard in last with a four goal burst. It would come to nothing though as the bulls were able to finish 29 points ahead with Trewhella, Densten and Bruhn good all day.

St Francis Xavier Vs North Brunswick

Q1| 1-1-7 Vs 1-5-11

Q2| 3-3-21 Vs 6-11-47

Q3| 5-3-33 Vs 9-14-68

Q4| 9-5-59 Vs 12-16-88

Goal Kickers: J. George 3, P. Butler 3, P. Notaro 2, N. Trewhella, A. Rae, J. Bruhn, A. Densten

Best Players: N. Trewhella, A. Densten, P. Butler, S. Mair, C. Gregory, N. Murphy

Ladder position: 1st|P-9|W-9|L-0|B-1|Pts-40|191.65%

With many of the in form reserves players getting the call up it was always going to be tough in the early game. Things got even tougher when Captain Branch saw stars in the first contest of the match. Despite more setbacks and a very eager St Francis team the bulls were still able to get the upper hand. With Sparkes and Salloum up forward, Stu Stephens in the guts and President Dave Allan controlling things down back the bulls fought right to the end, holding on to win by 9 points.

St Francis Xavier 2 Vs North Brunswick 2

Q1| 2-2-14 Vs 2-2-14

Q2| 3-3-21 Vs 5-3-33

Q3| 7-4-46 Vs 8-4-52

Q4| 8-8-56 Vs 10-5-65

Goal Kickers: TBC

Best Players: TBC

Ladder position: 1st|P-9|W-5|L-4|B-1|Pts-24|125.08%

Round 11 – 1/7/17

Parkside Vs North Brunswick

@ Pitcher Park, Alphington

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm

Last time we met

Seniors | NBFC 24-9-153 def. P’side 2-7-19

Reserves | NBFC 19-17-131 def. P’side 7-4-46

BULLiten – Round 9

Round 9 saw us host an in form Elsternwick at Allard Park as the bulls looked to make it 8 wins from 8 games. The seniors started off slowly with Elesternwick applying all the pressure and producing clean skills across the ground. Despite this and inaccurate kicking in the first quarter the bulls were still able to lead by 5 goals at the main break. The third quarter came and the game started to get ugly. Despite the scuffles and the blood, the bulls were able to show their strength and discipline and started to win the ball. Jake George top scored with 4 goals and even Bill Croagh kicked one in his BOG performance as the bulls went onto to kick 5 in the last quarter and take the win by 61 points.

North Brunswick  Vs Elsternwick

Q1| 4-3-27 Vs 1-1-7

Q2| 8-3-51 Vs 3-5-23

Q3| 9-3-57 Vs 7-8-50

Q4|11-5-71 Vs 8-11-59

Goal Kickers: J. George 4, P. Notaro 3, S. Mair 2, A. Densten 2, W. Croagh, J. Bruhn, M. Dal Santo, N. Trewhella, A. Rae, J. Scoble, P. Butler
Best Players:
W. Croagh, M. Dal Santo, R. Santacroce, P. Butler, S. Mair, G. Livingston

Ladder position: 1st|P-8|W-8|L-0|B-1|Pts-36|197.45%

In the early game, the reserves were taking on an under-strength Elsternwick. The ‘wickers’ were still able to provide a tough contest in the first quarter with only one goal the difference. After the first break the bulls got into gear, Donny and Murph were able to hit the scoreboard with 15 between them and Dancer and McMonigle were able to dominate the midfield. This lead to 23 goals in the last 3 quarters and we were able to increase our percentage with a big 150 point win.

North Brunswick 2 Vs Elsternwick 2

Q1| 3-2-20 Vs 2-2-14

Q2| 11-9-75 Vs 2-2-14

Q3| 18-12-120 Vs 2-2-14

Q4|26-15-171 Vs 3-3-21

Goal Kickers: D.Manoukian 9, N.Murphy 7, W.Goyne 5, A.Sparkes 3, T.Randall, B.Dancer, L.Spano
Best Players: B.Dancer, W.Goyne, D.Manoukian, N.Murphy, A.Kaminski, G.McMonigle

Ladder position: 5th|P-8|W-4|L-4|B-1|Pts-20|125.98%

Round 10 – 24/6/17

St Francis Xavier Vs North Brunswick

@ St Francis Xavier College, Beaconsfield

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm

Last time we met

Seniors | NBFC 17-15-117 def. StFX 7-9-51

Reserves | NBFC 8-17-65 def. StFX 6-9-45