BULLetin – Round 18 Review

Round 18 saw Eley Park come to Allard Park needing to win to keep their finals hopes alive. The sharks started off strong with that in mind but the bulls were able to stay in it and were able to hit the front just before quarter time with a Mahoney major. After the first break the bulls flexed their muscles with the wind kicking 4 goals to nil and it would continue in a similar manner after the main break stretching the lead out to 43 point at 3 quarter time. Davor Lucevic continued his stellar form, Keegs Keegan played his best game of the year with a BOG performance and Jake George was dominant once again with 6 goals in the 74 point win.

North Brunswick Vs Eley Park

Q1| 3-5-23 Vs 3-4-22

Q2| 7-7-49 Vs 3-7-25

Q3| 13-11-89 Vs 6-10-46

Q4| 19-15-129 Vs 7-13-55

Goal Kickers: J.George 6, J.Scoble 2, A.Keegan 2, N.Murphy 2, N.Trewhella 2, K.Mourelatos, T.Falconer, L.Mahoney, W.Goyne, K.Zuidema

Best Players: A.Keegan, D.Lucevic, M.Coutts, J.George, A.Rae, J.Davis

Ladder position: 2nd|P-16|W-14|L-2|B-2|Pts-64|199.77%

***Competition leading goalkicker: Jake George 65 ***

In the early game the reserves were taking on the team 2nd on the ladder but that didn’t faze the bulls at all and Mick Salloum had his first of 6 within the opening seconds. That set the tone for the rest of the game as the pressure remained high and skills were top notch. Anything that the midfield couldn’t stop Joel Backwell was there to take mark after mark down back. By 3/4 time the lead was already out to 67 points, despite the Sharks winning the last qtr 4 goals to 3, the work had already been done as we look forward to hopefully meeting the sharks again later in the finals.

North Brunswick 2 Vs Eley Park 2

Q1| 4-2-26 Vs 0-3-3

Q2| 8-5-53 Vs 1-5-11

Q3| 13-7-85 Vs 2-6-18

Q4| 16-8-104 Vs 6-9-45

Goal Kickers: M.Salloum 6, D.Manoukian 4, C.Pavlesic 4, G.McMonigle, H.Grady

Best Players: A.Sparkes, J.Geary, J.Backwell, M.Salloum, B.Sutherland, L.Spano

Ladder position: 4th|P-16|W-11|L-5|B-2|Pts-52|152.06%

***Competition leading goalkicker: Mick Salloum 55 ***

Semi Final 1v2 – Seniors

Saturday 2/9

Aquinas Vs North Brunswick

@ Garvey Oval, Bundoora 2:00pm

In the main final on the Saturday we take on Aquinas for a place in the grand final and automatic promotion to division 3. With 1 win a piece in the previous meetings this year it’s sure to be an entertaining contest and we expect the bloods to come out strong after they were well beaten by Manningham last week.

Last time we met

AQ 9-12-66 def. NB 8-10-58

Semi Final 3v4 – Reserves

Sunday 3/9

Manningham Vs North Brunswick

@ Garvey Oval, Bundoora 11:40am

In the minor final on the Sunday, we take on Manningham for a spot in the preliminary final. Manningham have been a strong side all season though us bulls have also done all the right things in the latter part of the year, it’s sure to be a cracking match between two rival teams.

Last time we met

NB 8-8-56 def. MC 6-11-47


BULLetin – Round 16 Review

Round 16 saw the Masala boys come to Allard Park to take on the mighty bulls. With the wind in the first quarter the tigers were able to produce some silky skills to get on the scoreboard but it was the men from the north who would quickly gain the ascendancy. Jake George put on a show up forward and was able to kick 10 despite needing every chance he got to get to double figures. Chris Gregory’s used his sticky finger to take everything that came near him in his return to the seniors. Lucevic found some hot form down back and Ash Rae was lightning on the wings. With the bulls leading at 3/4 time by 77 points the game opened right up in the last, it would produced 15 goals, 11 of them went to the boys from Brunswick, finishing 124 points in front.

North Brunswick Vs Masala

Q1| 6-5-41 Vs 3-3-21

Q2| 11-9-75 Vs 3-5-23

Q3| 17-12-114 Vs 5-7-37

Q4| 28-18-186 Vs 9-8-62

Goal Kickers: J.George 10, A.Rae 4, J.Scoble 3, C.Gregory 2, R.Santacroce 2, G.Livingston 2, K.Mourelatos 2, K.Zuidema, N.Trewhella, A.Densten

Best Players: J.George, J.Bruhn, M.Dal Santo, G.Livingston, D.Lucevic, K.Zuidema

Ladder position: 2nd|P-15|W-13|L-2|B-1|Pts-56|197.39%

In the early game we took on the undermanned tigers in a game that would guarantee finals if we won. Despite a very, very late withdrawal from the game by ‘ankles’ Montalto which gave ‘the Pav’ his return from injury, the bulls were able to dominate from the onset kicking 10 goals to none in the first. The reserves boys were able to show their speed, pressure and sharp skills, even Johnny Tiernan pulled out some party tricks. One thing the bulls weren’t showing was any mercy and by 3/4 time had already piled on 200 points. With Goyne, Kiellar and Branch dominating the midfield, Salloum and Manoukian were provided plenty of chances, between the two of them they would combine for a total of 19 goals. The bulls would finish a massive 234 points in front and a spot in the finals confirmed.

North Brunswick 2 Vs Masala 2

Q1| 10-8-68 Vs 0-0-0

Q2| 18-11-119 Vs 0-1-1

Q3| 31-14-200 Vs 0-1-1

Q4| 37-19-241 Vs 1-1-7

Goal Kickers: M.Salloum 11, D.Manoukian 8, A.Sparkes 4, G.McMonigle 3, D.Gazelle 3, L.Spano 2, S.Scorse, C.Pavlesic, R.Keillar, B.Branch, J.Tiernan, H.Grady

Best Players: R.Keillar, M.Salloum, D.Manoukian, J.Bendall, W.Goyne, S.Stephens

Ladder position: 4th|P-15|W-10|L-5|B-1|Pts-44|148.31%

Round 17 – 19/8/18


Round 18 – 26/8/17 final round

North Brunswick Vs Eley Park

@ Allard Park

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm

Last time we met

Seniors | EP 10-14-74 def. by NB 12-16-88

Reserves | EP 11-5-71 def. NB 8-11-59

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