North Brunswick Football Club is situated at Allard Park and is affectionately known as “The Tip” because it was built right next to the tip many years ago.

The club formed in 1966 from the hard work of two local North Brunswick Primary school teachers Ray Trotter and Ian Duncan. On the back of junior success a senior club was formed in 1970 and played in the Metropolitan league. In 1971 the club joined the V.A.F.A where the majority of the team was filled with kids from Moreland and Brunswick High schools.

The Green and Gold team had their first senior success in 1974 defeating Old Mentonians and in 1981 the club defeated University Reds. The reserves have won premierships in 1979, 1980 and 2003. The club has had one player go on to play at VFL level and that was Ian Aitken at Carlton. The club prides itself on its multicultural elements with the club having a lot of Greek and Italian backgrounds in the 70’s and 80’s and now we have many junior players with a Lebanese background. Current President Sof Tsialtas is one of many people who have made magnificent contributions to the club and the community. Our club has been built on the hard work of these people and their families. These families include the Jewson, Kenny, Fox, Bessel and Adams families.

We have had great player servants of the club including Peter Dowsett who played 525 games, Darren Adams (still playing) who has played 475 games, Peter Fox who was a champion player and Dino Dimarco probably the best footballer to have ever played at the club.

The North Brunswick JFC’ s tune is based on that of Sydney Swans (formerly South Melbourne) which in turn is from the fight song of the famed University of Notre Dame in the United States. The “Notre Dame Victory March” was written in the early 1900’s by two brothers who had graduated from the College.

Similarly, the lyrics of the North Brunswick JFC’s club song have been adapted from that of South Melbourne which again included phrases from Notre Dame’s Victory March such as “…Onwards to victory!”.

Our club song lyrics are below:

Cheer, cheer, the green and the gold,
Honour the name until we grow old,
Lift that noble banner high,
North will go on and never say die…

Whether the odds be great or be small,
North will go on and win overall,
While our loyal teams are marching,
Onwards to Victory!


One thought on “History

  1. omg!
    my name is Darren Olson
    I went to north Brunswick primary school from 1967 to 1972
    and played for the school team in grade 5 ..
    which was un heard of in those days!
    because it was grade 6 !!! only!!!
    but there was only one reason ..
    why I got chosen .. against the odds.. and need too mention ..
    that had never happened before at Brunswick North Primary School!
    in the past history..
    and that was Peter Dowsett..
    omg! now a legend of the North Brunswick Youth Club..
    535 ! peter ! thank you ! for the times we spent playing for the school in 1972
    and for the times that I watched you in the under 14,s as my team under 12 were getting smashed every week .. under Lionel Terry.. it was great to watch peter, Graeme Biffen, Bonnadio, and co.
    take it to the other teams.!
    and beat most of them!!
    what a team that was!
    and taught me a lot ..
    just watching them..
    maybe Peter Dowsett ..
    could put that team on paper .. one day..
    because .. I cant believe those guys never made it too the afl !!

    but you know what ? it was fun ..!!!
    and remember our first training sessions on the Green ..
    with Ian and Bruce Duncan, Ray Trotter,Peter Fox, and remember the after game drop in too Rob Jewsons .. where the family THE ..kids and all would greet us ..
    whoever were in the cars,
    on sundays after the games..
    and all so ! run – a – thons around Brunswick past the moreland pub,,
    great times !!!
    and just want to connect again!!
    and want too come down..
    and see the club rooms .. again..
    and see if there is any photos ,, off when we first started this club..
    Darren Olson.
    email is dazfromdownunder @live.com.au
    or 0414222122.
    thank you !


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