BULLetin – Finals week 1


In the main game on Saturday we took on Aquinas for the first spot in the grand final. It was a tight start and very low scoring, the bulls were getting the fair share of hard ball gets but the bloods pressure was turning the ball straight over. Skipper Notaro looked dangerous up forward but an early shot on goal could only hit the post, Aquinas were able to go down the other end and kick the only goal for the first quarter. In the second quarter the bulls were once again able to get their hands on the ball, this time being able to convert via a Pete Butler goal. It would remain 1 goal each for the majority of the quarter until 3 late goals to the bloods broke the game open. An early goal in the second half from Notaro got the boys firing but the flame dwindled shortly after as Aquinas turned it on, kicking 7 goals for the quarter. Croagh, Davis and Keegan tried their best to stop the bloods dominance but they needed more help as Aquinas kicked another 7 in the last quarter to win by 102 points booking their spot in the big dance.

Aquinas Vs North Brunswick

Q1| 1-3-9 Vs 0-2-2

Q2| 4-4-28 Vs 1-4-10

Q3| 11-5-71 Vs 2-6-18

Q4| 18-12-120 Vs 2-6-18

Goal Kickers: P.Butler, P.Notaro

Best Players: A.Keegan, W.Croagh, M.Coutts, G.Livingston, S.Mair, J.Davis.


Preliminary Final – Seniors

Sunday 10/9

North Brunswick Vs Manningham

@ Garvey Oval, Bundoora 2:00pm.

Winner to play Aquinas in the Grand Final.

In the early game Sunday, the bulls took on Manningham for a spot in the preliminary final to take on Eley Park who narrowly lost to Aquinas. The game was tough early on and Manningham were making all the play, despite this the bulls defenders kept the cobras to just 1 goal. In the second, things started to go our way and we started winning the footy and moving it forward, our two goals that quarter would put us up by 1 point at the half. The bulls would continue to dominate after half time, T.Geary and Mourelatos kept on winning the ball out of the middle, J.Geary and Jayasinghe provided heaps of run on the wings and Salloum and Manoukian looked as dangerous as ever up forward. The bulls tight defence would keep the cobras to only 1 point for the second half as we finished 27 points in front

Manningham 2 Vs North Brunswick 2

Q1| 1-3-9 Vs 0-1-1

Q2| 2-3-15 Vs 2-4-16

Q3| 2-3-15 Vs 3-9-27

Q4| 2-4-16 Vs 5-13-43

Goal Kickers: D.Manoukian 3, M.Salloum 2

Best Players: T.Leary, T.Randall, V.Aulich, M.Salloum, K.Mourelatos, R.Keillar


Preliminary Final – Reserves

Sunday 10/9

Eley Park  Vs North Brunswick

@ Garvey Oval, Bundoora 11:40am.

Winner to play Aquinas in the Grand Final.


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