BULLetin – Round 14 Review

It was a top of the table clash against Aquinas who were hungry after our close win last time we met. Like most football grounds around the city, the college was swept by strong winds for most of the day. We started the game kicking with the wind but were unable to capitalize as both teams finished the first quarter with only one goal. The second term the bulls worked hard into the wind, Pete Butler and Ash Rae both played key roles keeping the margin to 1 at the main break. The second half would be just as close with bodies hitting harder and harder at each contest. No one from either team took a backward step all game but unfortunately for the bulls, we were unable to convert any chances kicking into the wind during the last and Aquinas were able to finish 8 points in front.

Aquinas Vs North Brunswick

Q1| 1-0-6 Vs 1-4-10

Q2| 4-7-31 Vs 4-6-30

Q3| 6-8-44 Vs 8-9-57

Q4| 9-12-66 Vs 8-10-58

Goal Kickers: P.Butler 3, J.Goerge 2, K.Zuidema 2, A.Densten 1.

Best Players: A.Rae, K.Zuidema, G.Livingston, W.Croagh, J.George, L.Mahoney

Ladder position: 2nd|P-13|W-11|L-2|B-1|Pts-48|187.39%

The earlier game was also hindered by windy conditions. It was always going to be a tough task for the reserves, not just because of the weather but because we were up against an undefeated side who had a percentage of over 1000. Despite the daunting task the bulls fought all day, Kaminski and Mourelatos never gave up an easy clearance, Leary tried all day rebounding defensive and Goyne provided plenty of excitement up forward and through the guts. Despite the 105 point loss, the bulls were able to take a lot out of the game and showed their improvement keeping the league leader to 7 goals in the last half.

Aquinas 2 Vs North Brunswick 2

Q1| 4-8-32 Vs 0-0-0

Q2| 10-11-71 Vs 1-1-7

Q3| 14-18-102 Vs 1-1-7

Q4| 17-22-124 Vs 3-1-19

Goal Kickers: D.Gazelle, M.Salloum, W.Goyne

Best Players: T.Leary, W.Goyne, G.McMonigle, K.Mourelatos, D.Gazelle, D.Mahady

Ladder position: 5th|P-13|W-8|L-5|B-1|Pts-36|122.67%

Round 15 – 5/8/17

Elsternwick Vs North Brunswick

@ Elsternwick Park Oval 2 | Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm

Last time we met

Seniors | NB 18-14-122 def.  ELS 9-7-61

Reserves | NB 26-15-171 def. ELS 3-3-21


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