BULLetin | Round 13 Review

The in form Manningham Cobras came to the windy Allard Park to take on the league leaders. With a number of key midfielders missing from the bulls, the cobras were able to get off to a commanding start using the wind to help them get on the scoreboard. Fortunately for the bulls most of the shots from Manningham were off target and only had a 1 point lead at quarter time. A tight tussle continued in the second quarter as it was the bulls turn to be inaccurate. A lead of 4 points at half time was quickly lost at the beginning of the 3rd quarter as the Cobras lifted the tempo, we were held scoreless in the 3rd but thanks to Max Coutts and Kenneth Zuidema down back the bulls were still a chance in the last kicking with the wind. Despite goals from Dossy Densten and Matty Dal giving the boys momentum it just wasn’t to be our day as Manningham held on to win by 13 points, handing out the bulls first loss for season 2017.

North Brunswick Vs Manningham

Q1| 2-0-12 Vs 1-7-13

Q2| 5-6-36 Vs 4-8-32

Q3| 5-6-36 Vs 9-11-65

Q4| 9-11-65 Vs 11-12-78

Goal Kickers: A.Densten 3, J.George 2, P.Notaro, M.Dal Santo, D.Lucevic, P.Butler

Best Players: M.Coutts, K.Zuidema, N.Trewhella, D.Bennett, W.Croagh

Ladder position: 2nd|P-12|W-11|L-1|B-1|Pts-48|197.78%

In the earlier game it was going to be another tough clash as 3rd took on 4th. Despite kicking against the breeze the bulls were able to kick the first of the game through Mick Salloum and then control the first quarter only to be down by 1 point at qtr time. It became a theme for the rest of the game as neither side were able to find scoring easy – except for the Gazelle who scored a stunner from the ‘Geary’ pocket. The scores were tied heading into the last quarter and that’s when some key bulls stood tall. Gussy Keillar played one of his best games and Keary Mourelatos showed why he is favourite to win back to back B&Fs as the bulls finished strong with a 9 point win.

North Brunswick 2 Vs Manningham 2

Q1| 1-2-8 Vs 1-3-9

Q2| 4-6-30 Vs 4-5-29

Q3| 6-7-43 Vs 6-7-43

Q4| 8-8-56 Vs 6-11-47

Goal Kickers: M.Salloum 3, D.Manoukian 2, D.Gazelle, R.Keillar, K.Mourelatos

Best Players: K.Mourelatos, N.Murphy, W.Goyne, T.Leary, D.Gazelle, R.Keillar

Ladder position: 4th|P-12|W-8|L-4|B-1|Pts-36|140.54%

Round 14 – 29/7/17

Aquinas Vs North Brunswick

@ Aquinas College | Great Ryrie Street, Ringwood

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm

Last time we met

Seniors | NB 13-10-88 def.  AQU 13-5-83

Reserves | NB 3-3-21 def. by AQU 24-12-156


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