BULLetin – Round 11 Review

Round 11 saw us take on Parkside for the second time this year. After one of the coldest mornings of the year the sun shone and once again so did the bulls. It was another strong start but yet again it was another inaccurate display in front of goals that kept the opposition in it. The devils were much more competitive this time around and even won the last quarter alas it wasn’t enough to stop the in form bulls. Pete Butler was strong up forward with 3 goals and Ken Zuidema was dominant in the midfield taking out the best on ground award in a 41 point win.

Parkside Vs North Brunswick

Q1| 0-1-1 Vs 4-7-31

Q2| 3-3-21 Vs 5-11-41

Q3| 3-3-21 Vs 8-15-63

Q4| 5-5-35 Vs 10-16-76

Goal Kickers: P.Butler 3, J.George 2, J.Bruhn, K.Zuidema, W.Goyne, Y.Jayasinghe, N.Murphy

Best Players: P.Butler, K.Zuidema, W.Croagh, S.Mair, A.Rae, T.Geary

Ladder position: 1st|P-10|W-10|L-0|B-1|Pts-44|193.35%

In the early game the undermanned Parkside came out firing and shocked the bulls. They were able to apply tonnes of pressure causing plenty of turnovers to take the lead by 15 points at the first break. After qtr time the bulls were able to get back on top, the back line started to get the better of their opponents and the experience of Mourelatos and Branch were able to turns things around in the middle. With Parkside struggling for rotations we were able to finish off the strongest winning by 55.

Parkside 2 Vs North Brunswick 2

Q1| 3-3-21 Vs 1-0-6

Q2| 3-3-21 Vs 6-3-39

Q3| 6-4-40 Vs 9-4-58

Q4| 6-5-41 Vs 14-12-96

Goal Kickers: M.Salloum 4, D.Manoukian 3, K.Mourelatos 3, B.Branch 2, T.Ackland, L.Spano

Best Players: B.Branch, K.Mourelatos, D.Gazelle, T.Randall, L.Spano, B.Sutherland

Ladder position: 4th|P-10|W-6|L-4|B-1|Pts-28|131.87%

Round 12 – 15/7/17

North Brunswick Vs Mt Lilydale

@ Allard Park

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm

Last time we met

Seniors | Mt.L 7-4-46 def. by NBFC 12-9-81

Reserves | Mt.L 12-5-77 def. NBFC 12-2-74

Round 12 is North Brunswick’s White Ribbon Ladies Day. It would be great to see as many people at Allard Park to support the white ribbon foundation and its efforts to prevent violence against women



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