BULLiten – Round 8

In round 9 we took the Eastern freeway down to Box Hill to take on Eley Park as we looked to remain undefeated. Despite the bulls kicking 3 early goals it was the Sharks who were able to move ahead with 7 goals in the first quarter to put the early scoreboard pressure on. After  12 goals in total for the opening term, the game became a massive arm wrestle as Eley Park were able to extend their lead kicking the only goal in the second quarter. The half time break came and the in form bulls were able to regroup. The dynamic forward duo of Notaro and George were able to find the ball up forward while Croagh and Bruhn took control down back. With 12 goals to 2 in the second half the bulls were able to make it 7 from 7 with a 14 point win.

Eley Park Vs North Brunswick

Q1| 7-1-43 Vs 5-2-32

Q2| 8-5-53 Vs 5-6-36

Q3| 9-11-65 Vs 9-10-64

Q4| 10-14-74 Vs 12-16-88

Goal Kickers: P. Notaro 4, J. George 3, N. Trewhella, P. Butler, D. Lucevic, K. Zuidema, T. Leary
Best Players: J. Bruhn, H. Sheehan, W. Croagh, N. Trewhella, P. Notaro, T. Geary

Ladder position: 1st|P-7|W-7|L-0|B-1|Pts-32|197.04%

In the earlier game the bulls were not able to get the start we wanted as we went into half time 28 points down. At the break the reserves were expected to lift and that is what the bulls did. With Dancer, McMonigle and Mourelatos winning plenty of clearances, moving it forward to the dangerous Sparkes and Goyne the bulls were able to hit the scoreboard and just before 3/4 time there was less than a goal the difference. Unfortunately the momentum could not be maintained and the sharks took the victory by 12 points.

Eley Park 2 Vs North Brunswick 2

Q1| 4-3-27 Vs 1-1-7

Q2| 8-3-51 Vs 3-5-23

Q3| 9-3-57 Vs 7-8-50

Q4|11-5-71 Vs 8-11-59

Goal Kickers: A. Sparkes 2, W. Goyne 2, G. McMonigle, D. Manoukian, Y. Jayasinghe, N. Murphy
Best Players: S. Stephens, N. Murphy, W. Goyne, B. Dancer, K. Mourelatos, B. Sutherland

Ladder position: 5th|P-7|W-3|L-4|B-1|Pts-16|99.26%

Round 9 – 17/6/17

North Brunswick Vs Elsternwick

@ Allard Park

Res 11:40am | Sen 2:00pm




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