BULLetin – Round 6

Round 6 saw the bulls make the road trip to Lilydale to take on the rams who were sitting in 3rd place, looking to be one of the main contenders in September. We were looking to maintain our hot form and that is exactly what we brought from the first bounce. Kicking into the wind, Skipper Notaro put us on the front foot, he kicked the first 3 of the game which set up and 4 goal to 0 first quarter. The rest of the game became  very scrappy with the rams applying a lot of physical pressure. Despite this the bulls were able to show our strength and were able to grind out the victory. Hugh Sheehan in the midfield, the constant improvement of ‘Chop’ Hayes and Patty Notaro’s bag of goals were just some of the highlights in the 35 point victory. The win made it 6 from 6 which is now the best start to a season since 1995.

Mt Lilydale Vs North Brunswick

Q1 0-4-4 V 4-1-25

Q2 1-4-10 V 5-6-36

Q3 4-4-28 V 7-8-50

Q4 7-4-46 V 12-9-81

Goal Kickers: P. Notaro 6, A. Densten 2, J. George, D. Bennett, Y. Jayasinghe, A. Rae
Best Players: D. Bennett, P. Notaro, M. Dal Santo, J. Bruhn, G. Livingston, R. Santacroce

Ladder Position: 1st | P-6 |W-6|L-0|Pts-24|216.5%

In the early game it was a very tight affair. It was goal for goal almost all day, the bulls had plenty of the ball with Murphy and Dancer in the middle but the rams were very hard to stop when they were able to get it forward. With the bulls in front by 3 with seconds to go, we were unable to defend the rams last thrust forward and they were to kick the winner moments before the final siren.

Mt Lilydale 2 V North Brunswick 2

Q1 3-2-20 V 3-0-18

Q2 5-2-32 V 6-1-37

Q3 10-5-65 V 9-2-56

Q4 12-5-77 V 12-2-74

Goal Kickers: M. Salloum 3, D. Manoukian 3, A. Kaminski 2, N. Murphy 2, J. Scoble, K. Zuidema
Best Players: N. Murphy, J. Geary, D. Gazelle, B. Dancer, N. Ross, W. Goyne

Ladder Position: 6th|P-6|W-3|L-3|Pts-12|101.7%

Round 7 – BYE


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