BULLiten – Round 3 Review

Round 3 saw the bulls take on Aquinas at Allard Park. In what was predicted to be the game of the round ended up being possible the game of year. In front of many past players at the bull ring, the bulls were ready right from the start and it didn’t take long for Patty Notaro to snap the first goal of the game. We would continue to dominate the quarter but some bad kicking kept the bloods from Aquinas in the game. After a tight second quarter the bloods were able to take control in the third and the premiership favorites were able to take the lead going into the last. The bulls were not going to lay down though, Mahoney, Falconer and first gamer Adam Densten were crucial in getting us back in the game. Finally with less then 3 minutes to go, 1 point down Troy Geary became the hero nailing a goal from the ‘Geary’ pocket and the bulls would hold on for the win.

North Brunswick Vs Aquinas

Q1: 3-5-23 Vs 2-0-12

Q2: 6-8-44 Vs 5-1-31

Q3: 8-10-58 Vs 11-4-70

Q4:13-10-88 Vs 13-5-83

Goal Kickers: A. Densten 4, J. George 3, P. Notaro 2, L. Mahoney, T. Geary, T. Falconer, J. Bruhn
Best Players: A. Densten, N. Trewhella, L. Mahoney, G. Livingston, T. Falconer, J. Bruhn

In the earlier game it never went the bulls way, the bloods dominated the first half and lead by 91 points at the main break.  Brad Dancer and Beau Branch were just a couple that were able to lift the boys to a more competitive level in the second half . Wendell and Jags were able to get on the scoreboard with goals in the last quarter to complement their efforts for the day but the game would finish with a deficit of 135 points.

North Brunswick 2 Vs Aquinas 2

Q1: 0-1-1 Vs 6-6-42

Q2: 1-1-7 Vs 15-8-99

Q3: 1-2-8 Vs 21-10-136

Q4: 3-3-21 Vs 24-12-156

Goal Kickers: M. Salloum, W. Goyne, J. Geary
Best Players: V. Aulich, B. Dancer, J. Tiernan, B. Branch, J. Ford, N. Murphy



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