BULLetin – Round 2 Review

The bulls made the trip down to Noble Park to take on Masala on Saturday and returned with all the points that were on to offer.

In the seniors it was our new full forward Jake George who turned a lot of heads with 11 majors. He was well supported by the never aging Robbie Santacroce and another new boy Max Coutts who was again in the best dominating the back line. Once again the boys fitness was a stand out running away in the last quarter with 6 goals to 1 and winning by 81 points.

Masala v North Brunswick

3-2-20 v 6-3-39

4-3-27 v 12-9-81

8-6-54 v 15-9-99

9-8-62 v 21-17-143

Goal Kickers: J. George 11, R. Santacroce 4, P. Notaro 4, P. Butler 2
Best Players: M. Coutts, C. Gregory, T. Leary, G. Livingston, W. Croagh, J. George

In the earlier game the bulls also showed their dominance. From only a 4  goal first quarter display the bulls were able to put more and more scoreboard pressure on as the margin got out to 120 points by the final siren. Special mention to our President Dave Allan who was able to kick goal of the year in his 100th game for the club! another special mention to Mick Salloum and Josh Revell who combined for 12 goals in their first outing for season 2017.

Masala v North Brunswick

2-2-14 v 4-3-27

3-3-21 v 13-5-83

5-6-35 v 16-9-105

6-8-44 v 25-15-164

Goal Kickers: M. Salloum 7, J. Revell 5, D. Manoukian 2, L. Spano 2, D. Allan, S. Scorse, C. Pavlesic, H. Grady, W. Goyne, J. Geary, Y. Jayasinghe, S. Stephens
Best Players: J. Revell, M. Salloum, T. Randall, B. Sutherland, B. Dancer, D. Allan



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