Peter “PD” Dowsett

As you are all aware, we lost one of the true legends of North Brunswick this week.

PD started as a junior at the age of three, I think, here at North Brunswick. As a junior he would play two games on most weekends. In total PD played the phenomenal amount of 525 games.

He was president from 2001 until 2004. He was reserves coach from 1993 – 1995 and again in 2000. He won the reserves Best and Fairest in 1977, I think, as a 17 year old.

To his mother Merrion and to Christine, Dino, Jarryd and Emma, who spent a lot of time with Peter in the last few weeks, condolences and also to Midge who also spent time with him.

I know that his true loves, in no particular order, were North Brunswick, Carlton, and Victoria Bitter. That changed when his children Lindon, Karrah, and Teagan came along. His devotion was re-aligned when he had grandchildren of which he was truly proud. Condolences to them also and to Tracey. Also to his brother Paul, Robyn and Richard, who proudly wears PD’s famous number 35 on his jumper.

He will be sorely missed from the North Brunswick family.


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