Match Report: NBFC v Sydney Road

With all the boys switched on and ready to put their best foot forward, the game was on. Early on it was a quiet affair with a few senior players leading the way. There was a muted enthusiasm, but a passion to move forward. It seemed as though many had checked out early, but they came back into play as the game wore on.

The first quarter was a meat and potatoes affair. In fact the postman (because he always delivers) Dave Allan arrived early purely to prepare the troops for the battle ahead. McMonigle lead the possession count early, but Silky Selkrig was warmed up and soon took over. And with some early inspiration from the President, the Bulls cup was overflowing.

With a delayed start to the second the Bulls had some ground to make up. Fortunately they were bolstered by the return of Daisy and the passion of Tom Davis. Rodeo Blount was doing some flashy things and making sure he was in every action shot on the Brunswick facebook page. While there was some dicey moments, the Bulls certainly had the wood over their opponents.

The Third was lead by Scottish Rymer, the team taxi. He carried the Bulls and made sure they were constantly moving forward. Big Chop came to the fore and utilized his hulking frame to down the spirits of the opposition. But the most pleasing aspect was the ways the Bulls came together as a team. No man was left behind and there was constant ball movement.

The forth was a royal affair with the Craigeburn boys making every second count. McErvale played a consistent game, and pushed himself to the front of the pack to grab a slice of the action. Jack Moriarty made his way back from a nasty chest infection to cheer the boys on and run water to those cramping in the final stretch.

Post game celebrations continued as the boys moved on to greener pastures. Pete Butler continued to use his seagull skills, swooping on any loose scraps while Boof Gallagher finally made an appearance. Having been missing for the past 4 quarters, he has a lot of ground to make up, but did so with much gusto.

Its been a tough few weeks, but it was great to get together and unite once more as a club. And just as we do on the field we worked together as a team, and had a great night.

Enjoy the week off and come back prepared for Westbourne.


r8 snr


r8 rsv


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