Match Review: Round 7 – NBFC v Canterbury

The North Brunswick marsh simply sparkled on this glorious day. The puddles glistened in the sun, the mud squelched in synchronised harmony and the weeds blossomed to welcome the day. This was in start contrast to the hellish nightmare of Thursday night, when even the dogs that inhabit the ground during the week avoided the boggish wasteland.

r7 rsv

The games this week can be described as polar opposites, similar to the alternate seasons. The reserves turned on a show. Playing the ladder leading Canterbury Cobra’s the Bulls completely disregarded the script. In The first half the Bulls blew the game apart kicking thirteen goals to the Cobra’s solitary major. Brad “Tiny” Dancer led from the front and was a real target for the Bulls up forward. He was able supported by Phil “The Italian Stallion” Gags, utilising his raking left foot to push the ball forward. The midfield brigade was the catalyst for the success in the forward line. The quick ball movement made sure to avoid congesting the forward line, while leaving their opponents floundering in the bog.

The second half was a stabilisation and consolidation of the first. Greg “Snaps” McMonigle providing leadership and steel across the half back line and Mr Darcy Ingram breaking the lines with his dash. With the game all but over at half time the Bulls made sure not to rest on their laurels. The limited Canterburys forays forward and extended their lead over their insipid opponents. The final margin a staggering 84 points, and hopefully the catalyst for success over the remainder of the season.

r7 snr

The seniors game was a stark contrast. The Bulls expected Canterbury to get a fright when they took on the Thundering Herd, but instead they faced a frightened flock. The Cobras simply out-ran, out-pressured and out-played their astounded opponents. Again it was Matty “Del Ray” (Sorry it’s a stretch, it’s just had to keep coming up with nicknames), who led from the front.

The positive to come from the game was the resilience of the back line. In a team missing its two key defenders, their pinch hitters held of strong. Both Tom Davis and “Peanut” Butler (some are easy) played forward last week, but provided great rebound and stopping power for the Brunswick Bulls.

Unfortunately with the amount a ball coming into the defensive half, their efforts were constant and often overwhelmed.The Bulls need to provide a sterner approach this week and dictate the game to their opponents. Playing Lilydale we need to make this one count.

Until next week …


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