Match Review – NBFC v Manningham

Wandering down to Manningham to take on the Cobra’s is one of the road trips North Brunswick knows well. With both clubs having spent the last few years building in Division 4, the teams are regular combatants. The day itself was spectacular. After a week of heavy rains, one would have expected a marsh pit, akin to the Allard park swamp. But with the sun out and not a cloud to blemish the blue sky, the scene was set for an epic battle.

r6 rsv

The reserves started the game in brutal fashion with both sides scrapping for possession. Neither side was able to gain ascendancy as the ball ping-ponged across the ground. At the end of the first the Bulls were a goal down, but had the momentum heading into the next quarter. The second quarter was a repeat of the first but with the hard work of “One Tundra Rodeo” and “Big Boy Bendall” the Bulls remained in the contest. At the main break Brunswick had clawed back and remained just one point shy of the home side.

The second half is where it all went pear shaped. While the raging Bulls weren’t too far behind the eight-ball, they were a fraction of a second behind their Manningham opponents. Although Brad Courts did his best to inspire his team mates it just wasn’t quite enough. The Bulls fought on valiantly but ended the third a couple of goals shy. In the fourth the Bulls stampede slowed to a canter and the Cobras slithered past them to the finishing post. A few more nights on the track, and a few more km’s in the legs and the Bulls will trample their opponents. So while Brunswick was defeated, the Bulls remain proud and look forward to redemption next week.

r6 snrThe Seniors had the advantage of watching the reserves battle it out in the early game and knew they were in for a fight early. Manningham hit the ground running and punished another slugglish start from the Bulls. While the tackling pressure was strong, the Cobra’s moved the ball cleaner and ran the ball through the corridor. Down back Tom Leary worked tirelessly to repel the attack and turned defence into offence.

In the second the Bulls turned the tables. Blake Dunstan, in his first senior game for the club, utilised his polished skills to deliver clean ball entry to his forwards. And while this may sound like the line from a 70’s porn movie, it is nonetheless true. The Bulls managed to pile on 6 goals to 1 to enter the main break with a 15 point lead. The third quarter, or the premiership quarter was another tight one. With Arthur “Babar” Tsiaris moving into the midfield rotation and Jarrod Ford steeling the backline the Bulls remained vigilant under pressure and extended their lead into the forth.

The final quarter was a see-sawing affair with Manningham threatening the scoreboard early. In fact it looked as though the final result would come down to the wire. However, with 10 minutes to go, Ben “Clocks” Gallagher in his 50th game, soccered through the sealer. It put the margin out of reach for the home side and took the sting out of the game.

Next week the Bulls are at home hosting league leaders Canterbury in the Match of the round.

Until next week…


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