Match Report R5 – NBFC v Masala

What a wonderful lease on life a new week gives a football club. All the negatives and misnomers of the past week are forgotten as the opportunity for redemption rolls around.

Hopes were high on this Mothers day weekend. The bunting was out, the cupcakes were on sale and the ground was prepared for the Breast Cancer awareness game. The opposition this day was the team known for “Spicy Footy” the newcomers to Div 4, Masala.

Lets start with the Reserves.

r5 rsv

What more can be said about the game. There was no game. There was a one man show. It was as though the crown had paid their money, pushed through the gates and waited with static anticipation for the band to come out. But instead of Aerosmith walking out on stage, it was just Steven Tyler. And as he strolled up to the microphone, he flicked the hair from his eyes, flexed his neck and proceeded to deliver one of the greatest performances of his lifetime. This is the game of Brad Courts. Brad was the focal point for almost all of North Brunswicks forays into the forward line. But rather than letting this responsibility overwhelm him, he relished in it. Bagging 17 majors and equalling the club record, Brad has stamped his place in Bulls history, and removed it from the throat of Masala. While he was able supported by clob stalwarts Geoff Riffing and Luke Spano, the day belonged to the Bleached Blonde, the big bad Brad Courts.

r5 snr

The Seniors game was not as pretty as the red shine on Brad’s boot. In fact, it could be called downright ugly.

The first half of the 1’s was an unmitigated disaster. Perhaps the boys were resting on their laurels, cocky from reading past results, perhaps they were fatigued from cheering from the sidelines, whatever the case it made for atrocious football. The only shining light of the first half was the performance of Matthew Dal Salto. The Dalmatian roamed the ground, hunting down opportunities, tackling with fierce pressure and generally dominating his position.

The second half was a reversal of fortune. Gone was the questionable decision making, gone was the sloppy disposal and gone was the air of arrogance. Replacing this was a hunger for the football, a hardness around the contest and an anger that could only be sated by the glory of victory. For the second week in a row big “Clocks” Gallagher imposed himself on the contest. It helped turn the game and gave the Bulls the harder edge that was missing in the first half. Down back it was Dan “The Nugget” Nugent that inspired a previously restless defence. Perhaps he was showing off for the lady spectators, perhaps for his team-mates, or maybe Dino just does it for him. Whatever the case he helped lead the Bulls to victory.

This week we face an old foe in Manningham, and will have to be much more switched on if we hope to bring home the 4 points.

Until next week.


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