Match Report: Round 3 v Chadstone

This week North Brunswick travelled down to Jordan reserve to take on the maligned Synners. While on paper it looked like the Bulls had the inside running, from past experience we know that Chadstone will always put up a fight.

r3 rsv

After last year’s shock draw, the reserves came out all guns blazing and stamped their authority early.
In the first quarter it was the quick on-ball brigade that gave the Bulls first option. Jaden Geary utilised his pace to streak forward proving his big men with opportunities, while also slotting early goals himself.

Tundra Blount, playing his first match back from Sri Lanka, and Richard Dowsett, back from the wedding of the year, showed why North Brunswick missed them. They tore through the Chadstone side with a combination of gut-running, silky skills and a desire to work for their teammates. Big Brad Courts up forward was the worthy benefactor of their hard work and proved that he’s not just the new breeding stock for the Geary clan, but a more than handy forward target.

The second quarter and indeed the second half was a continuation of the same. The Bulls streaking forward utilising their superior skills and giving the forwards first option. When the ball did make its way into the Bulls backline, it was Mark Rosser – the Vosscopter – who stood tall. He mastered the backline, reading every entry and repelling any forward attack.

However the highlight of the day falls to a growing cult-figure in the club…Deniz Kuyucak. With the ball in dispute Deniz muscled his way into the frame, poached the ball out of the hands of three synners. In a move reminiscent of Barishnikov, or even Mila Kunis in Black Swan he danced, pirouetted and gracefully sidestepped the opposition to deliver the ball perfectly down the throat of a teammate. Well Done Deniz!!

The result leaves the reserves 2-1 and geared up for the Point Cook challenge next week.
r3 snr

Over the last 2 rounds the North Brunswick seniors have prided themselves on their attack on the footy. This means not just ducking the head and blindly charging into packs, but making smart decisions, targeting the man with ball and making their opposition earn every possession. This is especially true of the Bulls backline. Heading into their clash with the Synners with a league leading record they set themselves the goal of allowing no more than a single major per quarter.

The first foray of the game put the back six to the test. However with deadly efficiency and precision the bulls turned one of the few forward ventures of the home side. Leading the charge and rebound from half back was Ash Rae, the silver bullet himself. It is very rare for a backman to win praise in a 176 points drubbing of the opposition, but Ash did just that. He turned defensive pressure into attack and congestion into conversions.

He was ably assisted by the first Gamer Callum Goode. Goode added some silk and polish to an already robust Bulls outfit and used his outside run to provide forward opportunities. Up front Ben Gallagher charged down the loose ball and threatened at every opportunity. While Tic-Toc was the pick of the forwards, the most pleasing aspect was represented in the goal-kickers column of the match report.

With no less than 10 individual goal kickers the Bulls represent a well-rounded side with options up forward, through the middle and a backline of steel holding the team together. Final Scores 181-5. The backline exceeding even their own expectations.

Next week the Bulls face Point Cook in a top of the table clash. The game may hold the key to the remainder of the season with the winner firmly entrenched in the top 4.

Until next week.

Photos of the Reserves game (for FB group members only) can be found here.


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