Match Report: Round 2 v Box Hill North

As the day broke on Saturday 18th of April, the players of North Brunswick glanced outside their windows, their faces tinged with a mixture of excitement and gloom. The excitement sprang from the knowledge that they faced their foes in Box Hill on the field that day, whilst the gloom cascaded from the foreboding clouds hovering over the city landscape.


The reserves were the first to do battle. On a day where the aforementioned cumulus formations had already dampened the ground, their spirits would not suffer the same fate. Led by the fearsome fuzziness of Captain Botaro, the Bulls surged early. Whilst Box Hill seemed perturbed by the light precipitation and bronx cheers of the watching spectators, the Bulls marched onward. Early on it was big Geoff Ridding, father time himself who scorched the demons with the hell-fire they themselves sought to ensue. Leading strongly and kicking truly he stamped his dominion over his fledgling opposition early.  As the battle continued and the bodies that were once fresh and fearless became bedraggled and bogged down. However it was the bulls that ploughed through that marshy ground to strangle the flickering light of hope emanating from the box hill camp. Leading this charge was Paul Greco, a man the dash and verve of a young gazelle on its maiden migration. He ducked and weaved and set up opportunity after opportunity for the ravenous forwards. He was supported by the freshly bearded Gagliano who utilised his raking left foot to choke out any resistance from the whimpering demons. Lastly, we consider one of the hero’s of the day, a man who led his troops from the back fortress to the forward frenzy and lifted his team from the mire and into the upper echelons of victory. That man was Jack Moriarty, the now fresh faced looking school-boy who tormented his opposition by simply imposing his will on the contest. The result of the battle was a well earned victory, giving future opponents a sample of what lies in wait when visiting the bull-ring.


The senior game was a bone-bruising affair with both sides struggling to make an impact early. While it can be said that the Bulls had the flow of the game early, the demons continued to hold their ground amongst the barrage of possessions. The Bulls this day welcomed back favourite sons, Lucevic and Ford, and utilised their combined experienced to add steel to the already strong unit. The now battle tested backline of the Bulls was ferocious and repelled every attack with vigour and verve. The long penetrating kick of Tom Leary was utilised to full effect to provide release from the pressure cooker of the North Brunswick backline. The contest continued to heave to-and-fro with neither side gaining momentum through till the main break. After half time, it was a different story. In the annals of history, one always remembers the announcing of a star, whether it be their unwavering bravery on the battlefield, a speech that echoes through the ages or a simple act of valour the separates them from the common man, there is always one moment. On April 18th 2015, that moment belonged to Peter Butler. With the Brunswick side languishing in the trenches, Pete rose above to inspire. He charged when somebody needed to charge, he leaped when being held down and called upon the last vestiges of energy from his already depleted reserves to drag the Bulls across the line. Alongside the resident Butler the ever plucky Jarrad Dimarco cajoled, confounded and corralled his opponents into a quivering mess, leaving the forwards to feast upon the opportunities now afforded to them. With victory assured we can now turn our attention to next week.

The final result leaves North Brunswick 2-0, and leading Division 4.

Next week we play Chadstone in a potentially tricky game with the Synners looking to cause an upset.

Until next week.


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