2006 Green and Gold Ball

Please be advised that we have extended the RSVP date for the Green and Gold Ball to Saturday 1st of July so those who haven’t already purchased their tickets must do so by then. We have already sold over 100 tickets but are hoping for more than 200 past and present players, officials and supporters to attend which will make for a memorable night. 

With two great wins on the weekend against Eley Park and two winnable games coming up against Albert Park (Home – Saturday 1st July) and Box Hill North (Away – Saturday 8th July) the night is set to be an exciting one. I will be at the club tonight, Thursday and Saturday so get down and purchase your tickets. 

If you don’t think you can make it down to the club at any stage during the week please contact David Newton on 0439 385 613 to arrange another method of purchase. 


On July 8th, 2006 the North Brunswick Football Club celebrated it’s 40th Anniversary with a Green and Gold Ball held at the Moonee Valley Racecourse in the Celebrity Room. 

Over 200 past & present players, officials, family members and supporters attended the event which was held to honour those that have served the club with distinction since it’s inception in 1966. 

As soon as guests started to arrive at the function the feeling around the room, which was decorated with premiership flags and green and gold paraphanalia was that it was going to be a night to remember. 

Present player and 1996-2005 Team of the decade inductee Jeremy Freeman was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening and did an outstanding job throughout. 

After the welcoming speech from current President Sof Tsialtas who thanked all those in attendance and all that have contributed in some way to our wonderful club it was time to announce the 1966-1975 Team of the Decade. Club Legend Rob Jewson was called upon to hand out the awards to those who were selected in the team. 

Ray Trotter who was named as coach of the team was called upon to talk on behalf of those selected. He shared with us some of the memories associated with the era including the club’s first premiership in 1974.

After the delicious entree was served it was time to announce the 1976-1985 Team of the Decade. 1974 Captain and club legend Peter Fox presented the awards for those who were selected in the team.

Danny Demir who was named as coach of the team was called upon to talk on behalf of those selected. He spoke of the senior premiership in 1981 and the back to back reserves premierships in 1979-80.

The main meals were served along with a number of beverages which allowed those stories to start flowing from the past greats. As a current player at the club it was great to hear of all the success stories associated with the club even if at times they may have been exaggerated.

It was then time to announce the Team of the Decade for the era of 1986-1995.

Noel Kenny a club legend and a walking encyclopedia on all things green and gold presented the awards to those who made the team.

North Brunswick FC games record holder Peter Dowsett spoke on behalf of those who were selected and spoke strongly of the loyalty and mateship that is infectious at the club. He also paid tribute to all those for their continuos contribution to the green and gold.

The final Team of the Decade to be announced was the team of 1996-2005.

Club legend (don’t be afraid to ask him) Dino Dimarco was on hand to present the awards to those selected in the team.

Former Captain and Coach of the Green and Gold Ange Sammartino spoke on behalf of the team and mentioned the friendships that he has formed with all at North Brunswick and the re-establishment of the juniors and Auskick down at the club.

It was then time to induct our inaugural members into the North Brunswick Football Club Hall of Fame. Current President Sof Tsialtas was on hand to present the awards to those that were inducted.

The inaugural members were:

  • Rob Jewson
  • Joyce Jewson
  • Peter Fox
  • Gayle Fox
  • Bert Kenny
  • Betty Kenny
  • Norl Kenny
  • William Bessell
  • Evelyn Bessell
  • Ray Trotter
  • Peter Dowsett
  • Paul Adams
  • Dino Dimarco
  • Ezio Cirillo

Above: Hall of Fame members in attendance.

Back from Left: Jamie Bessell, Ray Trotter, Noel Kenny, Paul Adams, Ezio Cirillo, Dino Dimarco. Front from left: Peter Fox, Gayle Fox, Joyce Jewson, Rob Jewson, Peter Dowsett.

It was a great sight to see the inductees who had given so much to our proud club receive such an award. The standing ovation was a sign of appreciation for these living legends of our club which have given so much over the years.

With the formalties out of the way it was then left with the band to entertain the crowd for a few hours and it was great to see the dance floor full of colour with the lovely evening dresses and fashionable shirts and ties worn by all guests.

Thanks to those on the Green and Gold organising committee who dedicated their time to the organisation of the event. The night was a success and the words of “The best night ever” could be heard by many of the guests while leaving.


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